Here is what some of her clients have said...


Abbie was friendly welcoming and easy to talk with I allowed myself to be vulnerable in a way I can't explain, she just has that warmth about her, you know the one where she doesn't give you the pity just that openness for you to be in that moment and feel it's ok. It’s rare!

Jesslyn - VIC

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Identifying Core Values Can Change Everything

Sameal is a mother to two fur babies, her husband is a Technical Support Worker & she was working in an unsatisfying role in a chemical department.

She struggled with the confidence to pursue her passion to assist people who are in need of financial support, despite having more than enough qualifications, knowledge and empathy.

I trained her in ALIVE Self-Love & Self-Worth Practitioner Program & coached her with her confidence, eliciting her core values, and she quickly started to live her life her way and quit her unfulfilling job.

Sameal is now a consultant, providing employment for people with a disability and living her passion and purpose. She found her Internal Power.

Chocolate Addiction

I worked with Abbie on my chocolate addiction. I could and sometimes would eat an entire Cadbury block of chocolate in one sitting!! Since working with Abbie I have not even once bought or eaten any Cadbury chocolate, even if my husband has had it in the house, it's been 4 months!! Thanks so much Abbie! I highly recommend you to anyone looking for hypno!

Learning my values has been so incredibly helpful, I gained the courage to make some really big changes in my life and now am doing something I am passionate about!!

Again Abbie your amazing and your guidance is invaluable 💜


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How long have we been saying and believing the wrong things to and about ourselves? Things like ‘I’m not good enough. I’ll never get over this’. How long have anxious thoughts and feelings of unease been part of our lives?


How would it feel to start feeling powerful, valuable and totally good enough? How would it feel to be happy again? To be at peace with ourselves? To live life with balance and harmony, to let go of all the troubling memories and free our spirits to live in joy?


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It’s time to finally discover the truth - and the truth is that WE are enough, and WE have the power within us to heal ourselves.


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Abbie and i did a E-hypnotherapy session,
abbie listened to my needs and help me understand the inner godess, help me get focus, and relax after having a stressful time during this covid iso period.
a week later, i feel happier within myself, which makes me a happier lover, and friend.

I was suprised by the outcome, i cannot wait to be a better version of myself, not just for me but for my family.

thank you. ❤


Abbie is a highly skilled, empathetic and intuitive practitioner. Her warm bubbly nature allowed me to feel safe, understood and heard while she guided me through a parts integration process. I came out of the process with a completely transformed perspective and view on my previous issue. Can not reccomend her enough to support you on your journey to a healthier mindset and overall emotional and mental wellness


Just setting up your day for success has changed so much to my life already! Giving myself more time to spend it with myself and getting me ready and pumped for my day!!

Labels are definitely something I've been carrying around and owning!! A new mindset and a bit of work detaching has been so rewarding

Thank you Abbie for you guidance and support ❤️