ALIVE Self Worth & Self Love Program

ALIVE Self Worth & Self Love Program


About this course

How to become a Strong, Confident and Calm Woman Living your life by YOUR True Purpose and Passion without it taking months or years.


Here is a great 5 Step system, to change how you feel about yourself and your life, to ensure you wake up Excited, Energised, Organised and ALIVE...every single morning, because you deserve to feel that way, despite what may have happened in the past.


If you are like most women who have faced challenges from the past, that have impacted your self belief and self worth, you might be thinking, “Yeah, this sounds great, but how does it work?”


- You’ll learn how to find Authentic Acceptance deep within yourself first, and then discover how to help other women do the same.


- You’ll discover how to use the Power of Sexual Energies and Healing Your Own Self Worth in order to find a profound Love of Self.


- You’ll also learn how to become an Identity of Strength and Empowerment, giving you the confidence, courage and emotional alignment to deal with any challenge that life presents.


- And you’ll also master the skill of raising your energy vibration so you can release the core blockages and emotional baggage and break the cycle of the past.


- We also teach you how to emerge from the program as an Empowered and Emotionally Centred Woman with a set of goals and action plan and confidence to succeed.


Isn’t it time that you give yourself the advantage in life, to feel completely alive, filled with excitement each day, and running a modern, successful online business that truly makes a difference in other people’s lives?


What you'll learn

Here are the 5 steps that I now take other women through to become the Strong, confident & calm woman, living from a place of passion, purpose and feeling ALIVE!


Step 1 - Authentic Acceptance


This is the important first step in accepting and acknowledging where we are, what is going on, and finding authentic forgiveness for both ourselves and for other people. There is an incredible power that comes from this step, to propel the healing into the other following steps.


Step 2 - The Second thing you must do is create Love Of Self


It’s important to learn how our self-worth can be damaged, and what we can do to repair it and prevent any future damage from being done. This combines Self-love and Self-Compassion to ensure that even in moments that feel like big challenges, it doesn't reduce your self-worth.
Knowing how to tap into both sexual energies, discovering your core sexual energy and the dynamic between the light & dark dimensions of sexual energies, is so important when creating your love of self.


Step 3 - The third thing to do is create an Identity of Strength & Empowerment


It is about living a life worth living with healthy relationships and a sense of purpose. I teach women how to find their compelling reason for living and using this to create a life you want to have rather than wanting to escape. Knowing what is at your core self, creating a set of powerful identities and using all these aspects to bring you ultimate fulfilment is the key to living a life that is fulfilling and exciting... and this is one of the most transformational steps in the program. It helps you to identify what is at your invisible core.


Step 4 - The Fourth Thing is to release and raise your Vibrational Frequency, naturally


Ignoring the negative emotions that we carry inside us and trying to use logic to forget about them, doesn’t work. It might hide the focus for a while, but eventually either your body or mind will start to break down. It only leads to more problems long-term. This is why in this step we use a revolutionary mindset technique, to energetically and emotionally release all baggage from the past, giving a new sense of freedom so you feel lighter, like never before.


Step 5 - Emerge


Like a butterfly leaving the cocoon about to take its first flight, this step is about preparing you for taking flight into your renewed life. This empowers you to handle other challenges that will inevitably happen and how to keep moving forward as a Strong, confident & calm woman, living from a place of passion, purpose and feeling ALIVE!

This will become your personalised daily & weekly roadmap, consisting of Goals, Habits, Weak Moment Plans and an inspirational Closed Eye Process to make each new day, the best day of your life...again! This is a complete game-changer for so many busy women.

You’ve likely given so much to so many other people in your don’t you feel like it’s time to give yourself the life you really deserve?
This is YOUR time to feel truly ALIVE and whole.




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