Abbie's MSPI Meals Cook Book

Abbie's MSPI Meals Cook Book


A Mother's Guide To Making Milk and Soy Protein Intolerant Childrens Meals. 


Welcome to my modest little recipe collection. I'm so delighted to share these tried and tested nutritious dishes that has always been a hit with my MSPI family!


I have created this book to help parents, like myself, who have children who are Milk Soy Protein Intolerant and are struggling to find healthy and easy recipes. Milk, Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI) is the inability to digest the proteins found in cow’s milk & soy products.


MSPI is different from the traditional food allergy.stu, children with MSPI may cry 18 or more hours a day & may exhibit weight loss, congestion, repeated vomiting, reflux (arching, screaming, pain after eating, pain during eating, vomiting more than usual, baby spit up, or rumination), along with certain kinds of skin rashes (cradle cap eczema, angry red rash, or constant diaper rash).


They may also show changes in pattern of appetite, including refusing food or wanting to eat all the time, irritability, fussiness, & blood or mucous in their stool.


Both of my children have developed MSPI along with a few other food intolerances, such as Fructose & FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome). It took us and the doctors 7 months until we were able to diagnose my eldest son (currently 8 years old) with MSPI.


Later, my daughter who is now 7, developed all the same symptoms by the age of 3 weeks and was quickly diagnosed with MSPI. We were lucky enough that she did not have to suffer as long as my son did. The reason why I have created this book is to help parents of children with MSPI. It is mentally challenging, isolating, frustrating, overwhelming, and heart wrenching to see your child go through this.


Facing that myself, I wished there was somewhere I could find simple, healthy, and nutritious recipes so I could help my children; I hope my book can help you.


I can't wait for you to try them and hope they bring smiles to you and your family.


Lots of Love x Abbie