Abbie's MSPI Meals Cook Book

Abbie's MSPI Meals Cook Book

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Learn How to Improve Your Children's Health, Avoiding Milk & Soy But Still Making Delicious Meals.


Abbie's MSPI Meals is an exclusive recipe collection designed to provide creative guidelines for parents who face everyday struggles when trying to create a safe meal for their children who have been diagnosed with Milk & Soy Protein Intolerances.

About the Author


I remember seeing my kids in pain from eating  'normal' foods and finally worked out they had MSPI.


When shopping I was overwhelmed because almost everything had Milk or Soy protein added.


I was forced to create a collection of MSPI-friendly recipes to ensure my kids never had to miss out on birthdays, parties and celebrations ever again!


I hope that this book can offer other Parents of MSPI kids, who are struggling with everyday meals and snacks, a helpful guide in keeping your family healthy, and bring more awareness to MSPI.


x Abbie Marie