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9. Connecting To Your Inner Child

In this episode I guide you to connect with your inner child, your younger self as this provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your past and think of the advice you would offer to your younger self and use it as a guide for your future.

This is a time for us to open our heart center, and shine nothing less than love, compassion and acceptance to our younger self.

Take this moment to give her the love, safety and support that she may not have felt, show her that you are always here for her no matter what, let her know you are proud of her, for everything she has done and that you accept her for exactly who she is.

As you listen I encourage you to be aware of the changes you will feel in your body and your mind, notice the changes in your breathing and your posture. You might just feel the body starting to release, and the mind starting to feel lighter, the jaw may start to relax as your heart center becomes warmer, happier and in flow.

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