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8. The Story of YOU

In this episode I will take you through the 3 key foundations to connect deeply with who you truly are. You are going to tell your story. This is one of my favorite sections in the self empowerment goddess program as not only are we able to take a snapshot of who we are right now, we also have the opportunity to reflect back on ourselves when we were younger.

This is an opportunity for you to think about YOU and tell your story, writing down some of your favorite and happiest qualities, moments and dreams. So often we take on the beliefs and values of someone else as our own, such as our parents or friends. When we reflect back and replace any beliefs that are not ours with our true beliefs, using our unconscious mind, we start to become aligned with our authentic self, which naturally increases our self-worth, we become more calm, confident and self-empowered.

This is a powerful Self-Empowering Episode that you do not want to miss.

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